Cleaning systems in corrugating industry


Corrugated board becomes more and more important in the packaging industry.


Why use a cleaning system:  

  • Increasing requirements in view of printnig and quality.
  • Increasing demand for multi-colour printing (discounter)  
  • More direct packaging in food industry.
  • Stronger regulations regarding hygiene.
  • Squeeze cutters mean angel hair and racer cut means dust.

The use of our Multi Modal Direct Contact System  gives you an clear advantage compared to the contactless systems of our competitors:

  • Coaction of ionisation bars, fixed brushes, direct contact to the stainless steel face plate and two-dimensional air stream. This guarantees the break through of the boundary layer (dust particles enclosed by air). Effective absorption of particles and cutting edge dust.

Why do your customers decide for an PrintConcept cleaning system?

  • Increase of net production time due to less washing times.
  • Reduce of machine contamination.
  • More satisfied customers.


Due to the individual design of the manifold our systems are adapted to each machine type and installation situation. Therefore our systems can be installed in new and existing machines. We mainly install our systems on inliner and punching as well as corrugating machines.


Flyer corrugating machines to print: 

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